Czech tyre producer is to change from Mitas to Rubena Tyres.


When Rubena is mentioned, perhaps anyone who at least rides a bike occasionally is reminded of their bicycle tyres and tubes. Today, the Czech rubber manufacturer Rubena, s.r.o., which is inextricably engraved in the memory of not only Czech cyclists, is withdrawing from the Mitas brand. It will now offer the entire bicycle range under the Rubena Tyres brand.

The new visual style and logo have acquired a contemporary look while maintaining maximum resemblance to the original hallmark. The designer of the new logo and the whole concept is an association of agencies named Kotelna 55, which specializes in marketing communication. " The challenge wasn’t just to create a new logo. The intention was also to form a modern logotype that fits into the brand's ecosystem with a clear link to the original Rubena brand. The new logo has thus become an evolution of the original logotype.” Said Petra Matoušková, Marketing Manager.

This year, the visual style and the logo will be gradually transformed across online communications (web, banners, social networks) and offline materials.

The tradition of Rubena's rubber industry dates back to the year 1908. The first Czechoslovak bicycle tyre was manufactured in Náchod in 1928. Every year, Rubena ships millions of tyres and inner tubes all over the world. Everything is manufactured in the Czech Republic in the largest specialized factory for tyres and tubes in Europe. Historically, our products have appeared on wheels under the Kudrnáč, Barum and Mitas brands.

The Rubena Tyres product range includes bicycle tyres for MTB, Road, Gravel, City and Trekking, including tyres for E-bikes.