Milan Mysik and Richard Gasperotti continue with Mitas


We are happy that can confirm the first two names for the upcoming season. First of them is Richard „Gaspi“ Gasperotti, our brand ambassador for more than 15 years. You can know Gaspi as a racer at RedBull Rampage or as a guy who rode on vulcanos and other crazy places all around the world.
The second name can not be someone different than another Czech MTB rider Milan Mysik. Milan is one of the best Czech enduro riders and in 2019 won the whole EWS Europen Serie. Milan cooperates with us for a long time and extending the partnership was just a formality.


Richard Gasperotti

Country: Czechia
Discipline: MTB
Bio: Richard is almost 15 years under our wings. In 2011 he broke the World Speed record on MTB towed by Motorcycle when reached 211,5Km/h. Currently is a bike Guide, Coach, and Ambassador of Mondraker.

Milan Mysik

Country: Czechia
Discipline: Enduro
Bio: One of the most Czech successful riders. In 2019 won the overall ranking EWS European Enduro Series and in 2018 became Czech National Enduro Champion